2 Yard Skip Hire

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25+ Bags

Dimensions: 5ft (1.52m)L x 4ft (1.22m)W x 3ft (0.91m)H

Our 2-Yard skip hire in Birmingham is the smallest skip available to hire and is perfect for small projects such as gardens or flat removals. It can comfortably hold 2-Tonnes of waste which is approximately 25+ filled bags. 

All of our skips must be used on a hard surface so we can deliver and collect your skip safely.

If you require your skip quickly, please reserve online or give us a call to check our availability.

Skip Hire

What can a 2 yard skip be used for?

A 2-yard skip is a container typically used for waste removal and disposal. Here are some common uses for a 2-yard skip:

  • Small-scale domestic projects: If you’re working on a small home renovation, such as a bathroom remodel or a kitchen upgrade, a 2-yard skip can be useful for collecting and disposing of construction debris.
  • Garden waste disposal: If you’re pruning trees, clearing out a garden, or doing landscaping work, a 2-yard skip can be used to gather and remove the green waste, including branches, leaves, grass clippings, and other organic materials.
  • General household waste: If you have accumulated a moderate amount of household waste, such as non-recyclable materials, broken furniture, or discarded appliances, a 2-yard skip can be a convenient option for proper disposal.
  • Small commercial projects: Businesses that generate a limited amount of waste, such as small offices, shops, or cafes, may find a 2-yard skip suitable for their waste management needs.

It’s important to note that specific regulations and guidelines for skip usage may vary depending on your location and local waste management policies. We always ensure that you comply with any legal requirements and consider any restrictions or limitations imposed by your local authorities.