8 Yard Skip Hire

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8 Yard Skip Hire


80+ Bags

Dimensions: 12ft (3.66m)L x 6ft (1.83m)W x 4.5ft (1.37m)H

Our 8-Yard skip hire Birmingham is our largest skip available to hire and is perfect for large commercial properties. It can comfortably hold 8-Tonnes of waste which is approximately 80+ filled bags.

All of our skips must be used on a hard surface so we can deliver and collect your skip safely.

If you require your skip quickly, please reserve online or give us a call to check our availability.

Skip Hire

What can a 8 yard skip be used for?

  1. Large-scale construction projects: For significant construction projects such as commercial building construction, major renovations, or demolitions, an 8-yard skip can handle the substantial amount of construction waste generated, including concrete, bricks, metals, wood, and other debris.

  2. Commercial waste management: Larger businesses, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or retail establishments that generate a high volume of waste can utilize an 8-yard skip for efficient disposal of general rubbish, packaging materials, cardboard, non-hazardous waste, or other types of commercial waste.

  3. Estate clearances: When clearing out large properties, such as estates, manor houses, or commercial estates, an 8-yard skip can accommodate the disposal of a wide range of items, including furniture, appliances, fixtures, documents, and other materials.

  4. Large-scale event clean ups: After hosting big events like festivals, concerts, or conferences, an 8-yard skip can be useful for managing the cleanup and disposal of waste generated during the event, including food containers, beverage bottles, packaging materials, and general trash.

  5. Construction site waste disposal: For sizable construction sites or projects with a significant amount of waste production, an 8-yard skip provides ample capacity to collect and remove construction debris, allowing for efficient waste management on-site.